Serge Rotelli - Peintre portraits, nus, félins, animaux.

Galerie de peinture hyperréaliste par Serge Rotelli, nus, portraits, félins, animaux, pop art, James Bond.

Tableau acrylique sur commande à partir d'une photo, sont des cadeaux personnalisés uniques !
Une peinture personnalisée d’un membre de votre famille, de votre animal favori, à offrir ou à s’offrir quel beau cadeau original.

Peinture portraits, nus, animaux d'après photo, à Genève. Sur commande. Artiste peintre hyperréaliste Serge Rotelli. Language | Search | Contact | About | Order | Home

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It is now more than twenty years that I paint portraits. Even before entering at the School of Arts in Geneva I was drawing. Actually I did have my first pencil in the hand before walking and I never stopped design since then.

The portraits that I realize are not only the reproduction of a character, they bring out the personality  and the expression and each artwork is unique.

Most of the paintings I do that are gifts for relatives, friends, children. It is a nice and personalized way to make something exclusive.

Whatever is your idea, contact me. We can find a way to make your dream come true.

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